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just refer to java.sql.DriverManager for now as that pulls in the others

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commit 84668e8fb098e3c9e45b2abc4016bcfbf24312e4 1 parent b8ecbf3
@timbunce authored
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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ =head1 DESCRIPTION
system qq{rm -rf $outdir.prev} if -d "$outdir.prev";
system qq{mv -f $outdir $outdir.prev} if -d $outdir;
-system qq{time perl -Mlib=lib bin/java2perl6api --add_types jdbclib-typemap --outdir $outdir @ARGV `cat jdbclib-classes.txt`};
+system qq{time perl -Mlib=lib bin/java2perl6api --add_types jdbclib-typemap --outdir $outdir @ARGV java.sql.DriverManager};
system qq{diff -wr --exclude=*.pir -u $outdir.prev $outdir} || warn "Output differs\n"
if -d "$outdir.prev";
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