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;; Sample code illustrating the use of ASIHTTPRequest's S3 support with Nu.
;; It assumes the current directory contains three subdirectories of images.
;; These subdirectories are named "small" "medium" and "large" and the
;; script copies them to S3.
(load "NuASIHTTPRequest")
;; Amazon access keys are read from environment variables.
(set AWS-SECRET-ACCESS-KEY (((NSProcessInfo processInfo) environment) AWS-SECRET-ACCESS-KEY:))
(set AWS-ACCESS-KEY (((NSProcessInfo processInfo) environment) AWS-ACCESS-KEY:))
(ASIS3Request setSharedSecretAccessKey:AWS-SECRET-ACCESS-KEY)
(ASIS3Request setSharedAccessKey:AWS-ACCESS-KEY)
(set BUCKET "my-bucket")
;; Build a set containing the names of the images already uploaded
(set availableImages (NSMutableSet set))
(set request (ASIS3BucketRequest requestWithBucket:BUCKET))
(request setPrefix:"images/covers")
(request setMaxResultCount:2000)
(request startSynchronous)
(if (request error)
(then (puts ((request error) description)))
(else ((request objects) each:
(do (object)
(availableImages addObject:(object key))))))
;; Traverse directories and upload images
('("small" "medium" "large") each:
(do (size)
(set files ((NSFileManager defaultManager) contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:size error:nil))
(files each:
(do (file)
(set key (+ "images/covers/" size "/" file))
(unless (availableImages containsObject:key)
(set path (+ size "/" file))
(puts key)
(set request (ASIS3ObjectRequest PUTRequestForFile:path
(request startSynchronous))))))