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removed install and test tasks (they now come free from nuke)

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1 parent e604764 commit ff3145decb4b5bd0802f07ab2ce6bae88bc76ebb Tim Burks committed Sep 25, 2009
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@@ -42,20 +42,12 @@
-(task "test" => "framework" is
- (SH "nutest test/test_*.nu"))
(task "default" => "framework")
(task "clobber" => "clean" is
(SH "rm -rf build")
(SH "rm -rf #{@framework_dir}")
(SH "rm -f example1"))
-(task "install" => "framework" is
- (SH "sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/#{@framework}.framework")
- (SH "sudo cp -rp #{@framework}.framework /Library/Frameworks/#{@framework}.framework"))
(task "example" is
(SH "#{@cc} examples/example1.m -o example1 -lxml2 -I/usr/include/libxml2 -framework Cocoa -framework KissXML"))

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