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(load "template")
(set template
<h1>Hello World</h1>
<%= (request unparsed_uri) %>
<%= (request uri) %>
<%= (request filename) %>
<%= (request path_info) %>
<%= (request args) %>
<% ((request headers) each:(do (key value) %><%= key %>: <%= value %>
<% )) %>
This message is coming to you from a Nu script being run by an Apache server using the
<a href="">mod_nu</a> extension.
The Apache server is running on Debian Linux in VMware Fusion on Mac OS X Server.
Nu now runs on devices ranging from iPhones to virtualized cloud servers.
From the pocket to the cloud, <a href="">Nu</a>.
<h3>NSString instance methods</h3>
<% ((NSString instanceMethods) each:(do (m) %>
<%= (m name) %>
<% )) %>
;; (eval (NuTemplate codeForString:template))
(form description)