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The DEBIANINSTALL file contains a script that can be used to install
all necessary dependencies and to build Nu on Debian. We have not yet
tested on other versions of Linux, but FreeBSD and OpenSolaris ports
have been made and documented in FREEBSDINSTALL and OPENSOLARISINSTALL.
Once the dependencies have been built and/or installed, the Nu-specific
installation process is as follows:
1. From the main Nu directory, use make to build mininush, a minimal version of the
Nu shell:
% make
2. From the main Nu directory, use mininush to run nuke to complete the Nu build
% ./mininush tools/nuke
3. Use mininush again to install Nu, nush, and the Nu tools.
% ./mininush tools/nuke install
Since the copying step uses "sudo", you will be prompted for your password.
4. Test your installation.
% nuke test
If you modify your version of Nu, either by making your own changes, or by
pulling in a new version of Nu, you should build the new version using the
./mininush tools/nuke install
N.B.: This is different from the procedure on Mac OS X, where you use "nuke install".
On Darwin, Nu is installed as a framework in /Library/Frameworks. On Linux, it is built
as a dynamic library and installed in /usr/local/lib (or the lib dir of whatever is your
desired installation prefix). Because nush is linked against,
running "nuke install" will crash on Linux when the is overwritten. So be sure to
install with "mininush tools/nuke install".
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