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;; source files
(set @c_files (filelist "^objc/.*\.c$"))
(set @m_files (filelist "^objc/.*\.m$"))
(set @nu_files (filelist "^nu/.*\.nu$"))
(set @frameworks '("Cocoa" "Nu" "Carbon"))
(if (or isSnowLeopard isLion)
;; Make sure you download and build the mach_inject_bundle first
;; Get it at git://
(if (isSnowLeopard)
(then (set @cflags "-isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk "))
(else (set @cflags "-isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.7.sdk ")))
(set @ldflags " -framework Cocoa -framework Nu -framework Carbon -framework mach_inject_bundle")
(set @arch '("x86_64" )))
;; If not Snow Leopard, then use the included version of mach_star
(set @includes " -I../libinject/objc")
(set @ldflags " -framework Cocoa -framework Nu -framework Carbon -linject -L../libinject ")
(set @arch '("i386" ))))
(set @mflags " -fobjc-exceptions -fobjc-gc ")
;; framework description
(set @framework "NuInject")
(set @framework_identifier "nu.programming.inject")
(set @framework_creator_code "????")
(task "default" => "framework")
(task "clobber" => "clean" is
(SH "rm -rf #{@framework}.framework"))
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