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;; Nukefile for Nu framework and nush, the Nu shell
;; source files
(set @c_files (filelist "^objc/.*\.c$"))
(set @m_files (filelist "^objc/.*\.m$"))
(set @nu_files (filelist "^nu/.*\.nu$"))
(set @icon_files (filelist "^lib/.*\.icns$"))
(set @frameworks '("Cocoa"))
(set @libs '("edit" "ffi" ))
(set @lib_dirs '("/usr/lib" "/usr/local/lib"))
(set @nib_files '("share/nu/resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib"))
;; framework description
(set @framework "Nu")
(set @framework_identifier "nu.programming.framework")
(set @framework_icon_file "nu.icns")
(set @framework_initializer "NuInit")
(set @framework_creator_code "????")
;; build configuration
(set @cc "gcc")
(set @cflags "-g -DMACOSX -I/usr/local/include")
(set @mflags "-fobjc-exceptions") ;; Want to try Apple's new GC? Add this: "-fobjc-gc"
((NSFileManager fileExistsNamed:"/usr/lib/libffi.dylib")
(set @includes "-I /usr/include/ffi"))
(set @includes "-I ./libffi/include")
(set @lib_dirs (append @lib_dirs '("./libffi")))))
(set @arch '("ppc" "i386"))
;(set @arch nil)
(set @ldflags
"/usr/local/lib/libpcre.a" ;; statically link in pcre since most people won't have it..
((@frameworks map: (do (framework) " -framework #{framework}")) join)
((@libs map: (do (lib) " -l#{lib}")) join)
((@lib_dirs map: (do (libdir) " -L#{libdir}")) join))
;; Setup the tasks for compilation and framework-building.
;; These are defined in the nuke application source file.
(task "framework" => "#{@framework_headers_dir}/Nu.h")
(file "#{@framework_headers_dir}/Nu.h" => "objc/Nu.h" @framework_headers_dir is
(SH "cp objc/Nu.h #{@framework_headers_dir}"))
(task "clobber" => "clean" is
(SH "rm -rf nush #{@framework_dir} doc"))
(set nush_thin_binaries (NSMutableArray array))
(@arch each:
(do (architecture)
(set nush_thin_binary "build/#{architecture}/nush")
(nush_thin_binaries addObject:nush_thin_binary)
(file nush_thin_binary => "framework" "build/#{architecture}/main.o" is
(SH "#{@cc} #{@cflags} -arch #{architecture} -F. -framework Nu build/#{architecture}/main.o #{@ldflags} -o #{(target name)}"))))
(file "nush" => "framework" nush_thin_binaries is
(SH "lipo -create #{(nush_thin_binaries join)} -output #{(target name)}"))
;; These tests were the first sanity tests for Nu. They require RubyObjC.
(task "test.rb" => "framework" is
(SH "ruby -rtest/unit -e0 -- -v --pattern '/test_.*\.rb^/'"))
(task "test" => "framework" "nush" is
(SH "nutest test/test_*.nu"))
(task "doc" is
(SH "nudoc"))
(task "publish" => "doc" is
(SH "scp -r doc/*"))
(task "default" => "nush")
;; Except for the Nu.framework (installed in /Library/Frameworks),
;; all scripts and binaries are installed to /usr/local/bin
(set @prefix "/usr/local")
(task "install" => "nush" is
('("nuke" "nubile" "enu" "nutest" "nudoc") each:
(do (program)
(SH "sudo cp tools/#{program} #{@prefix}/bin")))
(SH "sudo cp nush #{@prefix}/bin")
(SH "sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/#{@framework}.framework")
(SH "cp -pRfv #{@framework}.framework /Library/Frameworks/#{@framework}.framework")
(SH "sudo mkdir -p #{@prefix}/share")
(SH "sudo rm -rf #{@prefix}/share/nu")
(SH "sudo cp -pRfv share/nu #{@prefix}/share/nu")
(SH "sudo cp -pRfv examples #{@prefix}/share/nu/examples"))
;; Build a disk image for distributing the framework.
(task "framework_image" => "framework" is
(SH "rm -rf '#{@framework}.dmg' dmg")
(SH "mkdir dmg; cp -Rp '#{@framework}.framework' dmg")
(SH "hdiutil create -srcdir dmg '#{@framework}.dmg' -volname '#{@framework}'")
(SH "rm -rf dmg"))
(task "installer" => "framework" is
(SH "sudo rm -rf package dmg Nu.dmg")
(SH "mkdir -p package/Library/Frameworks")
(SH "mkdir -p package/usr/local/bin")
(SH "mkdir -p package/usr/local/share")
(SH "cp -pRfv #{@framework}.framework package/Library/Frameworks/#{@framework}.framework")
(SH "cp -pRfv share/nu package/usr/local/share")
(SH "cp -pRfv examples package/usr/local/share/nu")
(SH "cp nush package/usr/local/bin")
(SH "cp tools/* package/usr/local/bin")
(SH "sudo chown -R root package")
(SH "sudo chgrp -R admin package")
(SH "/Developer/Tools/packagemaker -build -f package -p Nu.pkg -d pkg/Description.plist -i pkg/Info.plist")
(SH "mkdir dmg; mv Nu.pkg dmg")
(SH "hdiutil create -srcdir dmg Nu.dmg -volname Nu")
(SH "sudo rm -rf dmg package"))
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