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;; tests for Nu representations of truth and falseness.
;; Copyright (c) 2007 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
(class TestTruth is NuTestCase
(- (id) testTrue is
(assert_equal "true" (if 1 (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "true" (if YES (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "true" (if (list 1 2 3) (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "true" (if "zero" (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "true" (if "false" (then "true") (else "false"))))
(- (id) testFalse is
(assert_equal "false" (if 0 (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "false" (if NO (then "true") (else "false")))
(assert_equal "false" (if nil (then "true") (else "false")))))
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