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;; tests for Nu markup operators.
;; Copyright (c) 2012 Tim Burks, Radtastical Inc.
(class TestMarkup is NuTestCase
(- testMarkup is
(set markup (&html (&body (&h1 "Hello!")
(&p "This is a test")
(&p "This is a second paragraph"))))
(set golden "<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><h1>Hello!</h1><p>This is a test</p><p>This is a second paragraph</p></body></html>")
(assert_equal golden markup))
(- testAttributes is
(set markup (&magic attribute:123 "hello"))
(set golden "<magic attribute=\"123\">hello</magic>")
(assert_equal golden markup))
(- testHTML is
(set markup (&html))
(set golden "<!DOCTYPE html><html></html>")
(assert_equal golden markup))
(- testBooleanAttributes is
(set markup (&p foo:(eq 1 1)) bar:(eq 1 0))
(set golden "<p foo></p>")
(assert_equal golden markup))
(- testVoidElements is
(set voidElements (array "area"
(voidElements each:
(do (element)
(set markup (eval (parse "(&#{element})")))
(set golden "<#{element}/>")
(assert_equal golden markup)))
(set nonVoidElements (array "div"
(nonVoidElements each:
(do (element)
(set markup (eval (parse "(&#{element})")))
(set golden "<#{element}></#{element}>")
(assert_equal golden markup))))
(- testEmbeddedClassAndIdProperties is
(set markup (&div.class1.class2.class3))
(set golden "<div class=\"class1\" class=\"class2\" class=\"class3\"></div>")
(assert_equal golden markup)
(set markup (&div#id1#id2#id3))
(set golden "<div id=\"id1\" id=\"id2\" id=\"id3\"></div>")
(assert_equal golden markup)
(set markup (&div#myid.myclass))
(set golden "<div id=\"myid\" class=\"myclass\"></div>")
(assert_equal golden markup))
(- testEmbeddedColons is
(set markup (&d:div ns:foo:123 x:bar:456))
(set golden "<d:div ns:foo=\"123\" x:bar=\"456\"></d:div>")
(assert_equal golden markup)))
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