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This *experimental* example shows one way to inject bundles 
of Nu into running Cocoa applications.

It uses Jonathan Rentzsch's mach_star toolkit.

If you are developing on Leopard or older, you can use the
mach_star files that are included with the NuAnywhere 

If you are developing on Snow Leopard or newer, you first 
need to download and compile the latest mach_star code
After cloning this repository, go into the mach_inject_bundle
directory of the mach_star distribution and build the 
mach_inject_bundle framework using the included Xcode project.
Then, copy the compiled framework to /Library/Frameworks.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are developing on Snow Leopard, skip step 0!

0. cd libinject; nuke

This builds the libinject.a library, which contains code from the mach_star
toolkit.  This library will be linked into both of the next two components.

1. cd NuInject; nuke

This builds the NuInject.framework, which adds an injection method to Nu.
This method injects a bundle into a running Cocoa application using
mach injection.

2. cd NuConsole; nuke

This builds NuConsole.bundle which, when injected into a running Cocoa
application, adds a Nu console.

3. sudo nu-anywhere Safari 
(or TextEdit, "Address Book", Pages, Numbers, Mail...)

This uses the NuInject.framework to inject NuConsole.bundle into the
named application (which must already be running).  Note that this
must be run as root.

You'll get a Nu console in a panel.  That console is running inside
the injected application.  You should also find a "Show/Hide Nu Console"
menu item in your application's Window menu.  For fun, type "(raw)"
(without quotes) in your console.  You just added RandomApp to Safari,
Address Book, or whatever Cocoa application you chose for injection.


Once you have that working, take a look at the Nu code in the
NuConsole bundle.  You can put any Nu code you want there and
add all kinds of interesting things to Cocoa applications,
whether you have the source for them or not.