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;; source files
(set @m_files (filelist "^objc/.*.m$"))
(set @nu_files (filelist "^nu/.*nu$"))
(set @frameworks '("Cocoa" "Nu"))
;; framework description
(set @framework "NuMarkdown")
(set @framework_identifier "nu.programming.markdown")
(set @framework_creator_code "????")
(set @framework_initializer "MarkdownInit")
(task "bin/nudown" is
(SH "gcc objc/nudown.m -o bin/nudown -framework Cocoa -framework Nu"))
(task "test" => "framework" is
(SH "nutest test/"))
(task "clean" is
(SH "rm -f test/SimpleTests/*.html")
(SH "rm -f test/MarkdownTests/*.html"))
(task "clobber" => "clean" is
(system "rm -rf #{@framework_dir}"))
(task "default" => "framework")
(task "install" => "framework" is
(SH "sudo cp bin/nudown /usr/local/bin/nudown")
(SH "ditto #{@framework_dir} /Library/Frameworks/#{@framework_dir}"))
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