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Fixed quoting of double quotes in image tags, down to 5 failures.

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1 parent 0ded74f commit ce6cffabba535a235f21fdfa5981fa44bfeda97b @timburks committed
Showing with 5 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +5 −9
@@ -288,13 +288,10 @@
(set url (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_urls objectForKey:link_id)))
(set result "<img src=\"#{url}\" alt=\"#{alt_text}\"")
(if (!= ($g_titles valueForKey:link_id) nil)
- (set title (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_titles objectForKey:link_id)))
- (set result (result stringByAppendingString:" title=\"#{title}\""))
- )
+ (set title (markdown_EncodeQuotes (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_titles objectForKey:link_id))))
+ (set result (result stringByAppendingString:" title=\"#{title}\"")))
(set result (result stringByAppendingString:-" />"))
- (else
- (set result whole_match)
- ))
+ (else (set result whole_match)))
(str replaceOccurrencesOfString:whole_match withString:result)))
; Next, handle inline images: ![alt text](url -"optional title")
(((eregex <<-END
@@ -350,11 +347,10 @@
(set url (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_urls valueForKey:link_id)))
(set result "<a href=\"#{url}\"")
(if (!= ($g_titles valueForKey:link_id) nil)
- (set title (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_titles valueForKey:link_id)))
+ (set title (markdown_EncodeQuotes (markdown_EncodeItalicsAndBolds ($g_titles valueForKey:link_id))))
(set result (result stringByAppendingString:" title=\"#{title}\"")))
(set result (result stringByAppendingString:-">#{link_text}</a>"))
- (else
- (set result whole_match)))
+ (else (set result whole_match)))
(str replaceOccurrencesOfString:whole_match withString:result)))
; Next, inline-style links: [link text](url -"optional title")

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