A popular sample Cocoa application rewritten in Nu. Original code by Aaron Hillegass, ported to Nu by Tim Burks.
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This is a translation of Aaron Hillegass' PagePacker example from Objective-C to Nu.

It is released under the BSD license, the same license as the original PagePacker.

You'll notice that this project contains many fewer files than the original. This is partly because Nu code is more concise.  But it also reflects my view that dividing code across multiple files makes it less readable, much like organizing a novel with each character's dialogue in a separate chapter.

All but four methods were converted to Nu. Of these four, two or three may be representable in Nu with future improvements.

I've never used AppleScript (and don't plan to), so the scripting support in scripting.nu is untested. I've attempted to test everything else, but there may still be problems that I haven't found.

Please consider this a work in progress and an attempted proof of concept. It's goal is to demonstrate that Nu can be used to develop significant Cocoa applications.  Writing this has helped me make Nu a lot better; perhaps reading it will help others see as many Nu opportunities as I do.

Tim Burks
Los Altos, CA
December 2007