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NuZip is a simple Objective-C wrapper around Gilles Vollant's minizip.
It was originally created to allow Nu-based applications to unpack
zip files on platforms where command-line zip and unzip tools
were not available.
To use the current build system, NuZip requires Nu and nuke.
But it is also possible to add the NuZip sources to an
existing Xcode project and adding -lz to the linker flags.
NuZip currently has a trivially simple interface, methods
called "zip:" and "unzip:" that take a single argument,
a string that would correspond to the command-line arguments
given to the minizip and miniunz tools. The additional "-q"
option disables all printing and should be specified in
embedded applications.
To unzip an archive named "" into
a directory called "my_directory", use the following call
from Nu:
(NuZip unzip:" -d my_directory")
To make the same call from Objective-C, use the following:
[NuZip unzip:@" -d my_directory"];
To build and test on a Mac OS X system with Nu installed,
simply type "nuke test" in the project directory.
The NuZip wrapper was written by Tim Burks but the core of the
system, minizip, was created by Gilles Vollant.
The NuZip wrapper is released under the Apache License, version 2.0.
Copyright 2008, Neon Design Technology, Inc.