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"The Nu Pill", my C4[2] IronCoder project. Hack Acorn. Push Nu code onto your iPhone. Scary fun.

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The Nu Pill
a C4[2] IronCoder project

- Nu on the iPhone
- Acorn plugin with Nu
- Load web server into Acorn
- Describe Nu iPhone app
- Load remote console into Acorn
- Browse Nu iPhone app
- Upload code
- Take photo, photo and location are sent to Acorn
- Acorn gets Google Map from location, displays both images
- Show how WebViews can be used to scrape map tiles.

- Nu (
- NuBonjour (on both iPhone and MacOS)
- NuAcorn plugin
- NuHTTP (to be loaded into Acorn)
and also:
- Acorn (
- iPhone SDK and developer certificates

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