A twistd daemon for starting django, orbited and morbidq together for development
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django-dev-orbited Proxy

This is a very simple proxy server for serving django
orbited and morbidq using Twisted.

When developing a realtime service you need a way to 
perform simple development tasks without resorting
to using proper production quality proxy tools.


The following packages are needed

 - Your django project
 - twisted
 - orbited (requires twisted itself)
 - Django


It uses Twisted to startup Django, serve your development
files, and then starts orbited and morbidq.


Put server.py in the directory above your django project.
Put twisted_wsgi.py in the same directory as your project (thats
the same as where you keep settings.py and manage.py).

Change "djangoproject." on line 33 in server.py and line 15 of
twisted_wsgi.py to the name of the folder of
your django project.

Run "twistd -ny server.py"


Feel free to change the ports, PORT and STOMP_PORT to the port
that your django project and the STOMP server will be served
from respectively.

What is doesn't do

Give you a framework for developing your own application, 
for an excellent examples of django + orbited try looking
at HotDot.


Thanks to clemesha and his Hotdot project for inspiring this
and providing the starting point.