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This is for my dot files.

Depends on

zsh python ruby iterm2 (Mac only) git (obviously) oh-my-zsh - again use my clone of it. ctags - brew install ctags on osx jedi - Python library for autocomplete


To setup, run the following from a terminal:

mkdir ~/.dotfiles
git clone git:// .dotfiles
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd .dotfiles/files/
ruby install.rb
git submodule foreach git pull

This should symlink the files into your home directory and then you can use them.

There is also a requirements.pip for installing requirements. Pip is added so we can easily do an upgrade.:

sudo pip install -r requirements.pip


To setup iterm2, open the preferences, check "Load preferences from a user-defined folder or URL" and put in:



NeoVim is the new hotness. I am going to replace certain aspects of my vim setup, such as using Vundle.

Install neovim with brew..


I have removed Janus because now that I am using VIM much more it just gets in the way. A standard VIM installation with some carefully picked plugins is what I am going to go for. My VIMRC will be mainly configured for Python support.

  • Pathogen for plugin support
  • Fugitive for git support
  • Ex. ctags for taglist support.

To install VIM plugins, do it like this in the files bundle area:

git submodule add git:// files/vim/bundle/fugitive.vim

This will mean that once in a while we can manually pull in the updates from the various git repos for the plugins that we use.