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Unusual behavior with 2 calendar_date_select_tags #7

davfrija opened this Issue Jun 25, 2010 · 2 comments

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Hi, really nice plugin.

I was check a really unusual behavior with the following code:

<%= label_tag I18n.t('activerecord.reports.dates') %> <%= calendar_date_select_tag "begin_date", params[:begin_date], :year_range => 3.years.ago..3.years.from_now, :popup => :force%> <%= label_tag I18n.t('activerecord.reports.date_and') %> <%= calendar_date_select_tag "end_date", params[:end_date], :year_range => 3.years.ago..3.years.from_now, :popup => :force %>

In the first calendar (begin_date) select a month and a day, let's say 2010-06-01, next in the second calendar (end_date) i can select june again, but when select a day it will get the next month. In the date preview the month 6 desapear, it show 2010-05-31 and next day is 2010-07-01 =(

I'm running rails 2.3.8 with firefox 3.6.3 (ubuntu) with CalendarDateSelect version 1.16.1. and with <%= calendar_date_select_includes nil, :locale=>'pt' %> in the form.



Well, this bug was really unusual =)
There were more parameters that imports than those I had reported =(, the values where initialized with begin_date='2010-01-01' and end_date='2010-12-31'.
So, when on end_date we select june, and june don't have 31 days the calendar show july =|
We correct the default behavior by changing the order off set date like the following:
on updateSelectedDate: ...
first -> t_selected_date.setDate(parts.get("day"));
then ->t_selected_date.setMonth(parts.get("month"));

on dayHover: ...
first -> hover_date.setDate(;
then -> hover_date.setMonth(element.month);



resolved =)

This issue was closed.
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