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A popular and flexible JavaScript DatePicker for RubyOnRails (and others)

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Author: Tim Harper ( ‘tim_see_harperATgmail._see_om’.gsub(‘see’, ‘c’).gsub(‘AT’, ‘@’) )


See a demo here

Project Site

It works!

Setup for “vendored gem”:
In enviroment.rb add the gem:
config.gem “timcharper-calendar_date_select”, :version => “1.11”, :source => “”, :lib => ‘gem_init’

Install the gem locally (this installs the gem system wide)
sudo rake gems:install

Unpack the gem locally (this unpacks it vendor/gems/ inside your applicatio)
rake gems:unpack

Remove the system wide gem (this is require until Ticket#324 is closed [])
sudo gem uninstall artmotion-calendar_date_select

Don’t forget to include the javascript helper in your view:
<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults >
<= calendar_date_select_includes %>

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