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Release 1.8.1 [2009-07-31]
- Command: "Add File to the Index"
- Respect TM_GIT for git init command (Allan Odgaard)
Release 1.8.0 [2009-07-31]
- 'Edit conflicted file' command. Invoke to get a menu listing all files in a conflicted, and press the number to go it. Files disappear from the list when they are resolved.
- Ruby 1.9 compatibility enhancements (Loren Segal)
- properly recognize the new output of "git branch -d" in git 1.6.1
- the status display in the merge commit dialog was confusing. Axed.
- git status is case sensitive (Allan Odgaard)
- Use all (potentially) selected paths when committing. Previously only first selected item would be used for the commit. (Allan Odgaard)
- Uncommitted Changes are shown for the entire project rather than current file, when there is no selection in the project drawer.
- Rescanning the project directory works with non-standard TextMate installations. (Allan Odgaard)
^ Tim's note: I smell a change motivated by TextMate 2.0 development :)
- Open diff in TextMate only included last submodule diffed, instead of the whole project. (Allan Odgaard)
Release 1.7.0 [2008-12-01]
- Added Git config language (thanks, Allan Odgaard)
- Visualize History with GitX (thanks, Matthias Granberry)
- Fix git gui invocation (thanks, Pedro Melo)
- Added setting to allow showing whitespace warnings in show uncommitted changes (thanks, Michail Pishchagin)
- Local config settings for Log Limit and Log Context Lines were always saved to global and not saving to local. (thanks, Diego Barros)
- added "for branch 'BRANCH NAME'" to most of the dialogs (thanks, Joe Tanner)
- Fixed git init (was initializing in the previous directory)
- fixed a regression that broke diffing of submodule directories
- cleaned up "not on a branch" message. added a simple, but helpful branch suggestion section
- regression fix - dialogs were blowing up when no branch was selected
- fixed bug where merge commit message was being truncated to one line
Release 1.6.5 [2008-07-24]
- updated specs
- don't apply stash with --index by default, as this seems to cause more
problems than it solves currently (in the future, would be nice to auto
detect which strategy to use)
- Always pass path with gitnub as first argument to improve compatibility
with gitnub 0.9 (Thanks, Seth Barber)
Release 1.6.4 [2008-07-15]
- Fix: Bundle was crashing when trying to get the branch name of a submodule
that hadn't been checked out yet
Release 1.6.3 [2008-06-13]
- Some fixes to ruby-git internals
- Logging enabled to show executed git commands in debug mode - touch the file Support/DEBUG to turn on logging.
- Fixed regression with Git#auto_add_rm - was causing merge conflicts to not properly work when dealing with delete/modify conflicts.
- Fixed regression in stash changes command to properly ignore files again.
Release 1.6.2 [2008-06-05]
- "Apply Stash" was changed to "Pop Stash"
Release 1.6.1 [2008-05-22]
- Diff learned how to recognize submodule pointer changes, and now allows you to drill down and see what changed in the submodule.
Release 1.6.0 [2008-05-21]
- Added "outgoing" command - see unpushed changes for all branches with tracking branches, in project and submodules
- Fixed a few bugs with the automatic submodule updating. Put in safe guard to prevent a cached repository from being deleted (in the case you manually ran git submodule update after the submodule was cached away)
- Submodule learned how to know if he's been cloned yet. Updated checkout / pull / merge logic to initialize and clone uncloned submodules.
- Bugfix - push output was being garbled in some cases. Cleaned up in hope to fix.
- Pushing a branch now pushes submodules when their current branch is ahead of the tracking branch. Log command and log expander/collapser became aware of different repository path's.
- "Status" command got pretty colors, finally.
- "Show Status" will show status for files in applicable submodules as well.
- Ability to delete untracked files from the commit dialog
- Show uncommitted changes now shows uncommitted changes in applicable submodules, as well.
- Fixed some weird things happening with the spec suite. Improved spec coverage.
- Automatically add path to git in the PATH (just in case TM_GIT is set, but not PATH itself), so system can find gitk and git-gui
- Improved submodule support - no longer cache / restore every submodule everytime. Don't update submodule versions that have uncommitted revision pointer modifications. Much faster way to list submodules - lazy describe revision numbers. Interface more closely with the "plumbing" and less with the "porcelain".
- Bugfix - couldn't fetch while not on a branch
- Cleaned up grammar for "Egad, you're not on a branch!" (thanks, Henrik Nyh!)
- LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of internal refactoring / cleanup / improvement.
Release 1.5.3 [2008-04-30]
- Bugfix - merge was not restoring submodules if an empty directory was in the way.
Release 1.5.2 [2008-04-30]
- Put a limit on the amount of lines diff will render, to keep it from freezing textmate for a painstaking amount of time.
Release 1.5.1 [2008-04-29]
- Push / fetch / pull learned to respect log-limit
- When fetching / pushing / pulling from all sources - no longer updates the top-most status percentage only.
- When switching branches from a branch with a given submodule to a branch without it, the bundle now "caches" the submodule to ~/.git/submodules_cache. When switching back to the branch with the submodule, the submodule is restored from cache, so you don't have to go out and fetch it again.
- Resolves issue when you've converted a folder to a submodule on one branch, but not the other, and thereby couldn't switch branches anymore.
Release 1.5.0 [2008-04-29]
- Added "Amend Last Commit", accessible via ctrl-command-t, 'alc'. Much refactoring on commit_controller.
- Spelling fixes (Henrik N)
Release 1.4.1 [2008-04-24]
- Fixed 'Changing branches with uncommitted changes may result in a merge conflict' warning dialog for Git 1.5.5.
- Submodules now auto-update on pull or merge
Release 1.4.0 [2008-04-22]
- "Visualize History with Gitnub" (Sam Granieri)
- Config option to set gitnub path
- bugfix - show uncommitted now properly filters to the selected files/folders in the project drawer
- bugfix - external application windows (gitk, git-gui) are no longer launched behind TextMate.
- added status parsing for git submodules (tell if submodule is behind, ahead, or on track)
Release 1.3.2 [2008-04-08]
- Add narrow no-break space to this command so that hitting 'c' with the menu open jumps to commit. (Michael Sheets)
- Verbose commit messages now have code folding (Thomas Aylott)
- Added config option to specify the number of context lines to return when doing a diff. (Diego Barros)
- Added config setting to specify how many entries show log should return. (Diego Barros)
Release 1.3.1 [2008-04-07]
- When switching branches, changed message from "Will cause conflicts" to "May cause conflicts", since the git doesn't really tell you until it does the merge.
- Changed Delete Branch menu name to show that it prompts the user first. (Thanks, Diego Barros!)
Release 1.3.0 [2008-04-04]
- Added a "Git Config" command - currently supports Email and Name
- bugfix - only prompt for remote branches that match the specified remote
Release 1.2.1 [2008-04-03]
- Feature - prompt to push a tag to remotes after tag creation
- Bugfix - was committing "$('merge_message')" as the merge message
Release 1.2.0 [2008-04-03]
- Submodule support - Add and list submodules. Automatically update them when switching branches or pulling.
- Automatically check Submodules when switching branches or pulling (switching to a branch pointing to an older version of a submodule automatically checks the submodule out to that version)
- Prevent accidental commit-loss by not allow commits while not on branch.
- Stale remote branches are now pruned via "Fetch".
- Push now only pushes the current branch (it's surprising behavior to push "master" and see a rejection notice for "release").
- If the branch does not exist remotely, it gets created.
- Much internal refactoring and cleaning up code base
- tell textmate to rescan after a svn rebase
- Applied Jiho's patch for the git commit message language. Thanks, Jiho!
- tell textmate to rescan the project after a pull is completed
- Fixed misleading output from pull/fetch commands. show "Output" instead of "Error"
Release 1.1.6 [2008-03-25]
- You can now push to "all" remotes in one command.
- Bugfix: show uncommitted changes ALWAYS shows uncommitted changes, even if the changes have been staged with git add.
- Resolution of some incorrect environment variable usage. [Thanks, Allan Odgaard]
Release 1.1.5 [2008-03-24]
- fixed an issue with committing files within git-submodules, or git repositories in a non-project-root path.
Release 1.1.4 [2008-03-17]
- A pretty serious textmate rendering bug was effecting the output of the log command, causing log entries to be outputted in a random-like fashion. This bug is induced in TextMate by including the JavaScript includes at the top. Fixed
Release 1.1.3 [2008-03-12]
- prompt to merge from local or remote branches
- path for project home now showing as "./" in commit dialog. Path always displays relative to project_path, if it exists.
message for directory is clean more explicit (rather than showing nothing if you simply selected a scope with no changes, it tells you that's the case, with a
Release 1.1.2 [2008-03-10]
- SVN Rebase command broke. Eegad! Fixed. We like to release a lot today!
Release 1.1.1 [2008-03-10]
- Bugfix - merge command was breaking when trying to show links to conflicted files
- Removed "fix me" notice (it was fixed). Status listing on merge commit was being filtered down to the selected file or directory, when it should show the status for the whole project (since it's doing a whole commit)
- "Working directory is clean" message disappeared. Restored
- Merge parser was not pcking up on delete/modify merge conflicts. fixed
- merge command was a bit over-eager. No longer auto opens conflicted files.
Release 1.1.0 [2008-03-08]
- Huge refactoring effort - built a mini-mvc framework to meet the specific needs of the bundle, and ported all existing code to it.
- Fixed compatibility issues with Git
- Log commands lazy-load their diffs now
- Option to force apply a stash, even if Git warns you there might be a conflict
- Push / Pull commands properly parse output for
- Git shortcut keys for svn commands were conflicting with existing textmate commands. Updated to Command-Option-G
- A few UI-enhancements
[2008-02-20] Commit dialog graceful handling of conflict resolutions
[2008-02-20] Commit dialog limits down to the selected file/folder selected in drawer.
[2008-02-14] Visualize Gitk feature added (Sam Granieri)