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Ruby client for the Nexmo API
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Ruby client for the Nexmo API.


$ gem install nexmo

Sending a message

Construct a Nexmo::Client object with your API credentials and call the #send_message method to send a message. For example:

require 'nexmo'

nexmo = 'YOUR API KEY', secret: 'YOUR API SECRET')

nexmo.send_message(from: 'Ruby', to: 'YOUR NUMBER', text: 'Hello world')

This method call returns the message id and other details if the message was sent successfully, or raises an exception if there was an error.

The Nexmo documentation contains a list of error codes which may be useful for debugging exceptions. Remember that phone numbers should be specified in international format, and other country specific restrictions may apply (e.g. US messages must originate from either a pre-approved long number or short code).

Production environment variables

Best practice for storing credentials for external services in production is to use environment variables, as described by Nexmo::Client defaults to extracting the api key/secret it needs from the NEXMO_API_KEY and NEXMO_API_SECRET environment variables if the key/secret options were not specified explicitly.

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