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A connection-detecting, WoL-sending daemon.
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Wurmd tries to solve the common problem when using Wake-On-Lan on your server/desktop/fridge/... that once it's asleep it has to be woken up again, which usually is a manual operation the user has to perform.
Having the device go to sleep isn't the problem but having to fire up an additional program to wake the device back up can become a PITA after some time.

The logical next step would be to incorporate WoL functionality into programs itself, but that's hardly feasable.
Sure, you may get the Kodi crew to write code so if a file share isn't online they'll automagically sends a WoL packet, but that's limited to Kodi, right?
What if you want to access your file server at home from your favorite file explorer but it's asleep again?

Wurmd is a standalone program that listens on an interface in the background for initial connections to your configured devices.
If it detects such a connection it'll send a WoL packet to the device to wake it up.
What this means, practically, is that as long as wurmd is running on the host you can use any program to make a connection with a sleeping device and wurmd will wake it up while the program is busy execting its connection retry loop.
It likely won't even know what happened when it is able to connect after retrying a couple of times.
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