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Option Codes

The option_codes field of a vehicle is a comma-delimited set of codes that represent various options the car was built with. This can include trim options, battery sizes, color, wheel types, and addon packages.

This list needs a lot of help! If you know of what any of these mean, please edit this page and submit a pull request. It is much appreciated!

Code Title Description
MDLS Model S This vehicle is a Model S
MS03 Model S This vehicle is a Model S
MS04 Model S This vehicle is a Model S
MDLX Model X This vehicle is a Model X
MDL3 Model 3 This vehicle is a Model 3
RENA Region: North America
RENC Region: Canada
REEU Region: Europe
AD02 NEMA 14-50
AD04 European 3-Phase
AD05 European 3-Phase, IT
AD06 Schuko (1 phase, 230V 13A)
AD07 Red IEC309 (3 phase, 400V 16A)
AD15 ?
ADPX2 Type 2 Public Charging Connector
ADX8 Blue IEC309 (1 phase, 230V 32A)
AF00 No HEPA Filter
AF02 HEPA Filter
AH00 No Accessory Hitch
APE1 Enhanced Autopilot
APF0 Autopilot Firmware 2.0 Base
APF1 Autopilot Firmware 2.0 Enhanced
APF2 Full Self-Driving Capability
APH0 Autopilot 2.0 Hardware
APH2 Autopilot 2.0 Hardware
APH3 Autopilot 2.5 Hardware
APH4 Autopilot 3.0 Hardware Full Self-Driving Computer
APPA Autopilot 1.0 Hardware
APPB Enhanced Autopilot
AU00 No Audio Package
AU01 Ultra High Fidelity Sound
BC0B Tesla Black Brake Calipers
BC0R Tesla Red Brake Calipers
BCMB Black Brake Calipers
BP00 No Ludicrous
BP01 Ludicrous Speed Upgrade
BR00 No Battery Firmware Limit
BR03 Battery Firmware Limit (60kWh)
BR05 Battery Firmware Limit (75kWh)
BS00 General Production Flag
BS01 Special Production Flag
BT37 75 kWh (Model 3)
BT40 40 kWh
BT60 60 kWh
BT70 70 kWh
BT85 85 kWh
BTX4 90 kWh
BTX5 75 kWh
BTX6 100 kWh
BTX7 75 kWh
BTX8 85 kWh
CC04 Seven Seat Interior
CDM0 No CHAdeMO Charging Adaptor
CH00 Standard Charger (40 Amp)
CH01 Dual Chargers (80 Amp)
CH04 72 Amp Charger (Model S/X)
CH05 48 Amp Charger (Model S/X)
CH07 48 Amp Charger (Model 3)
COL0 Signature
COL1 Solid
COL2 Metallic
COL3 Tesla Multi-Coat
COUS Country: United States
CONL Country: Netherlands
CW00 No Cold Weather Package
CW02 Subzero Weather Package
DA00 No Autopilot
DA01 Active Safety (ACC,LDW,SA)
DA02 Autopilot Convenience Features
DCF0 Autopilot Convenience Features (DCF0)
DRLH Left Hand Drive
DRRH Right Hand Drive
DSH5 PUR Dash Pad
DSH7 Alcantara Dashboard Accents
DU00 Drive Unit - IR
DU01 Drive Unit - Infineon
DV2W Rear-Wheel Drive
DV4W All-Wheel Drive
FG00 No Exterior Lighting Package
FG01 Exterior Lighting Package
FG02 Exterior Lighting Package
FR01 Base Front Row
FR03 FR03
FR04 FR04
HC00 No Home Charging installation
HC01 Home Charging Installation
HP00 No HPWC Ordered
HP01 HPWC Ordered
ID3W (Model 3) Wood Decor
IDBA Dark Ash Wood Decor
IDBO Figured Ash Wood Decor
IDCF Carbon Fiber Decor
IDOM Matte Obeche Wood Decor
IDOG Gloss Obeche Wood Decor
IDLW Lacewood Decor
IDPB Piano Black Decor
IN3BB All Black Partial Premium Interior
IN3PB All Black Premium Interior
INBFP Classic Black
INBTB Multi-Pattern Black
INFBP Black Premium
INLPP Black / Light Headliner
INWPT Tan Interior
IVBPP All Black Interior
IVBSW Ultra White Interior
IVBTB All Black Interior
IVLPC Vegan Cream
IX00 No Extended Nappa Leather Trim
IX01 Extended Nappa Leather Trim
LP01 Premium Interior Lighting
LT00 Vegan interior
LT01 Standard interior
ME02 Memory Seats
MI00 2015 Production Refresh
MI01 2016 Production Refresh
MI02 2017 Production Refresh
MI03 201? Production Refresh (found on Model X ordered 11/2018 delivered 3/2019)
MT301 Standard Range Plus Rear-Wheel Drive
MT305 Mid Range Rear-Wheel Drive
PA00 No Paint Armor
PBCW Catalina White
PBSB Sierra Black Translates to the Solid Black exterior color in design studio. Applicable to all variants of Model S, Model 3 and Model X.
PBT8 Performance 85kWh
PF00 No Performance Legacy Package
PF01 Performance Legacy Package
PI00 No Premium Interior
PI01 Premium Upgrades Package
PK00 LEGACY No Parking Sensors
PMAB Anza Brown Metallic
PMBL Obsidian Black Multi-Coat
PMMB Monterey Blue Metallic
PMMR Multi-Coat Red
PMNG Midnight Silver Metallic Translates to the Midnight Silver Metallic exterior color in design studio. Applicable to all variants of Model S, Model 3 and Model X.
PMSG Sequoia Green Metallic
PMSS San Simeon Silver Metallic
PMTG Dolphin Grey Metallic
PPMR Muir Red Multi-Coat Translates to the Red Multi-Coat exterior color in design studio. Applicable to all variants of Model S, Model 3 and Model X.
PPSB Deep Blue Metallic Translates to the Deep Blue Metallic exterior color in design studio. Applicable to all variants of Model S, Model 3 and Model X.
PPSR Signature Red
PPSW Shasta Pearl White Multi-Coat Translates to the Pearl White Multi-Coat exterior color in design studio. Applicable to all variants of Model S, Model 3 and Model X.
PPTI Titanium Metallic
PRM30 Partial Premium Interior
PRM31 Premium Interior
PS00 No Parcel Shelf
PS01 Parcel Shelf
PX00 No Performance Plus Package
PX01 Performance Plus
PX6D Zero to 60 in 2.5 sec
P85D P85D
QNET Tan NextGen
QPMP Black seats
QTBW White Premium Seats
QTFP Black Premium Seats
QTPC Cream Premium Seats
QTPP Black Premium Seats
QTPT Tan Premium Seats
QTTB Multi-Pattern Black Seats
QVBM Multi-Pattern Black Seats
QVPC Vegan Cream Seats
QVPP Vegan Cream Seats
QVSW White Tesla Seats
RCX0 No Rear Console
RF3G Model 3 Glass Roof
RFBK Black Roof
RFBC Body Color Roof
RFFG Glass Roof
RFP0 All Glass Panoramic Roof
RFP2 Sunroof
RFPX Model X Roof
S02P S02P
S31B S31B
S32C S32C
S32P S32P
S32W S32W
SC00 No Supercharging
SC01 Supercharging Enabled
SC04 Pay Per Use Supercharging
SC05 Free Supercharging
SP00 No Security Package
SR01 Standard 2nd row
SR06 Seven Seat Interior
SR07 Standard 2nd row
ST00 Non-leather Steering Wheel
ST01 Non-heated Leather Steering Wheel
SU00 Standard Suspension
SU01 Smart Air Suspension
TIC4 All-Season Tires
TM00 General Production Trim
TM02 General Production Signature Trim
TP01 Tech Package - No Autopilot
TP02 Tech Package with Autopilot
TP03 Tech Package with Enhanced Autopilot
TR00 No Third Row Seat
TR01 Third Row Seating
TRA1 Third Row HVAC
TW01 Towing Package
UM01 Universal Mobile Charger - US Port (Single)
UTAB Black Alcantara Headliner
UTAW Light Headliner
UTPB Dark Headliner
UTSB Dark Headliner
W38B 18" Aero Wheels For the Model 3 and Model Y
W39B 19" Sport Wheels
WT20 20" Silver Slipstream Wheels
WTAS 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels
WTDS 19" Grey Slipstream Wheels
WTSG 21" Turbine Wheels
WTSP 21" Turbine Wheels
WTSS 21" Turbine Wheels
WTTB 19" Cyclone Wheels
WTW4 19" Winter Tire Set
WTW5 21" Winter Tire Set
WTX1 19" Michelin Primacy Tire Upgrade
WXW4 No 19" Winter Tire Set
WXW5 No 21" Winter Tire Set
X001 Override: Power Liftgate
X003 Maps & Navigation
X004 Override: No Navigation
X007 Daytime running lights
X010 Base Mirrors
X011 Override: Homelink
X012 Override: No Homelink
X013 Override: Satellite Radio
X014 Override: No Satellite Radio
X019 Carbon Fiber Spoiler
X020 No Performance Exterior
X021 No Spoiler
X024 Performance Package
X025 No Performance Package
X027 Lighted Door Handles
X028 Battery Badge
X029 Remove Battery Badge
X030 Override: No Passive Entry Pkg
X031 Keyless Entry
X037 Powerfolding Mirrors
X039 DAB Radio
X040 No DAB Radio
X043 No Phone Dock Kit
X044 Phone Dock Kit
YF00 No Yacht Floor
YF01 Matching Yacht Floor
YFFC Integrated Center Console
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