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Sublime Text 2 plugin to find and open a function's declaration in your project
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Sublime Text 2 plugin to find and open a function's declaration in your project


The easy way...

  1. Just use Package Control to install it

The slightly less (but still fairly) easy way...

  1. Click Preferences -> Browse Packages
  2. Download the source code folder and paste into the packages folder

The slightly geeky way...

  1. git clone this repo into your sublime packages directory


Highlight a function and either hit F8 or right click and go to Find Function Definition. Plugin will search your project for the function and open a file up to it, or if multiple instances found display a list of files to open.

Takes into account folder_exclude_patterns and file_exclude_patterns settings.


The following function definition patterns are used by default, but you can add your own by going to Preferences -> Package Settings -> Find Function Definition -> Settings - User

  "definitions": /* where $NAME$ is the name of the function */
    "function $NAME$",
    "$NAME$: function",
    "$NAME$ = function",
    "$NAME$= function",
    "def $NAME$("
  "file_exclude_patterns": [] /* optional list of files to exclude, falls back to global setting if not set */
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