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Doc on Google OAuth2 library

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-// Simple Google API OAuth 2.0 Client flow lib
-// Get access token and pass to callback
+/* Simple Google API OAuth 2.0 Client flow library
+ Author: timdream
+ Usage:
+ GO2.init(client_id, scope, redirect_uri)
+ Initialize the library.
+ redirect_uri is optional, should be any page on the current domain with this library.
+ Default to the current page (window.location.href).
+ This function should be put before Analytics so that the second click won't result a page view register.
+ GO2.getToken(callback)
+ Send access token to the callback function as the first argument.
+ If not logged in this triggers login popup and execute login after logged in.
+ Be sure to call this function in user-triggered event (such as click) to prevent popup blocker.
+ If not sure do use isLoggedIn() below to check first.
+ GO2.isLoggedIn()
+ boolean
"use strict";

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