Tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML
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Create a tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML.

This library is a spin-off project from HTML5 Word Cloud.

Visit the demo page

Simple usage

Load wordcloud.js script to the web page, and run:

WordCloud(document.getElementById('my_canvas'), { list: list } );

where list is an array that look like this: [['foo', 12], ['bar', 6]].

Options available, see API documentation for detail.


Before putting each word on the canvas, it is drawn on a separate canvas to read back the pixels to record is drawn spaces. With the information, wordcloud.js will then try to find a place to fit the word that is closest to the start point.


Tests are available with QUnit and grunt. To setup environment for testing, run npm install and manually install SlimerJS of your platform.

Use grunt test to ensure all options can be set without JavaScript error.

Use grunt compare --base-commit=gh-pages to compare your proposed fix with gh-pages branch.


The developer would like to thank Chad Jensen for sponsoring the work on image masking on the demo page.