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WordFreq APIs

Feature detection

Both WordFreq and WordFreqSync constructors contains a isSupported property. If the property evaluates to false, the browser/JavaScript runtime does not supply necessary functionalities for WordFreq to run.


 var wordfreq = WordFreq(options);


 var wordfreqsync = WordFreqSync(options);

Where options is an object. Available options:

  • workerUrl: (WordFreq only) Specify the url of wordfreq.worker.js.
  • languages: Array of keywords to specify languages to process for the instance. Available keywords are chinese, english. Default to both.
  • stopWordSets: Array of keywords to specify the built-in set of stop words to exclude in the count. Available: cjk, english1, and english2. Default to all.
  • stopWords: Array of words/phrases to exclude in the count. Case insensitive.
  • filterSubstring: (Chinese language only) Filter out the recounted substring. Default to true.
  • maxiumPhraseLength: (Chinese language only) Maxium length to consider a phrase. Default to 8.
  • minimumCount: Minimal count required to be included in the returned list.


WordFreq and WordFreqSync instances contains the same methods, except otherwise noted. The only difference is that WordFreq methods always returns the instance itself (make it chainable), and data is available to callbacks as the last argument. WordFreqSync instances returns the data directly.

process(text, callback)

Process the text and return the list of words/phrases (of all text processd) in the callback.

Callback is optional. wordfreq.process(text, callback) is equalivent to wordfreq.process(text).getList(callback).

WordFreqSync instances returns the list directly.


Empty the list. Returns true to callback.


Terminate the worker and remove all the pending works. Once terminated, the instance should be discorded as it will not respond to any new queries.

If triggerCallbacks is set to true, trigger all pending callbacks without arguments. Callbacks must not attempt to append a new task when called; doing so will result a loop.

Only useful to WordFreq instances. For WordFreqSync instances this method does nothing.


Get the list of words/phrases.

WordFreqSync instances returns the list directly.


Get the length of the list of words/phrases.


Volume is defined as the sum of

(length of the word) × (counts)²

This method returns that value.