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New Project Document Templates

Contributors:Jesus Alvarez (github.com/demizer)
Modified:Mon Sep 17 01:02:34 PDT 2012
Copyright: This project and documents have been placed in the public domain.
Revision: 0.5

These are my document templates that I use for new projects. They are written in reStructuredText and converted to PDFs using the pdocs.sh script.



Software is a process of construction, and like in construction you need to know where you are going or you will waste precious time and lots of money. These templates conform to the IEEE standards for Software Requirements Specification and Software Design Description. These documents were pulled together from many sources on the internet.

File Overview

  • hack.rst: Used for quick introduction developer documentation, such as dvcs usage and the development process for the project.
  • spec.rst: Open source software specification template.
  • ieee_reqs.rst: Software Requirements Specification document template.
  • ieee_spec.rst: Software Design Description document template.
  • todo.rst: Things to Do template for tracking progress.
  • pdocs.sh: Tool for generating the pdf documentation.

Helping Out

Suggestions are very welcome. I put this together pretty quickly and haven't had any real proofreading done, so I know some parts could use some help.

To contribute, fork and send a pull request. This project does not have any special considerations when using git.

Additional Info

The requirements document, reqs.rst, was pulled together from many sources on the web. The primary source is from a file called srs.doc that contained no writer credentials. So whomever you are, thanks a lot!


Currently, there are no examples of these templates in use. If you have any, please send a pull request!