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Requests for Comments

This repository is the main location for work on and release of finalised Time Machine Request for Comments.

RFCs in preparation

ID Title Draft file
RFC-0008 RFC on Intellectual Property Rights and Licenses
RFC-0035 RFC on Video Processing Pipeline
RFC-0069 RFC on Time Machine Organisation (TMO)

Published RFCs

ID Title File
RFC-0000 RFC on RFCs
RFC-0001 RFC on RFC Glossary
RFC-0002 RFC on RFC Tree
RFC-0003 RFC on RFC Platform
RFC-0004 RFC on the RFC Editorial Committee
RFC-0005 RFC on LTM
RFC-0014 RFC on Digitisation Priorities and Data Selection
RFC-0033 RFC on Map and Cadaster Processing pipeline
RFC-0034 RFC on Audio Processing Pipeline
RFC-0036 RFC on Music Scores Pipeline


The RFC documents, this means the content of the files directory, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0), while all accompanying source code, for instance the code responsible for creating the RFC Book, is licensed under the MIT license.