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WHMCS Time4VPS Module

This is Time4VPS provisioning module for WHMCS platform.


  1. Download latest module release.
  2. Upload archive folder contents to your WHMCS installation root directory.
  3. Login to WHMCS admin panel.
  4. Navigate to Setup -> Products / Services -> Servers
  5. Click Add new Server button
  6. Set following fields:
    • Name: Time4VPS
    • Hostname:
    • Type: Time4VPS Reseller Module
    • Set your Time4VPS username and password accordingly
  7. Create DB tables by navigating to http://<your whmcs url>/modules/servers/time4vps/install.php as Admin

Product import / update

Import / Update Time4VPS products by navigating to http://<your whmcs url>/modules/servers/time4vps/update.php as Admin. Run it once, as every other request will reset any changes you made for existing Time4VPS products.