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Timecampus Specs

This document holds details regarding all the specs about Timecampus and its various products/modules.

We use these specs and all the discussions around it to decide our roadmap, all the features we build and the various use cases we aim to support.

While the specs indicate the direction in which we are taking our product, there are bound to be some minor deviations and hence this may/may not be final and binding.

Not sure what the product does?

Video -

Docs -


You can have a look at our roadmap here


If you would love to see some feature, have some suggestion or are concerned about any of the spec, please feel free to open an issue and we would love to have a discussion around it.

You may also send in pull requests for any suggestions you might have.


This spec is under early development and is undergoing regular iteration/changes.

We are very selective and rigorous about driving our roadmap and we aim to achieve a high level of quality with what we build. Hence, not all suggestions might be accepted. But whatever decision we take, we will do our best to make it a point to convey our decisions, reason for the same and will make sure we take in all your inputs before we take any decision from our end.


Timecampus Proprietary License

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© Timecampus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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