Make Python objects from JSON or YAML files
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Make and control Python objects from JSON or YAML files

We want to construct a hierarchical collection of Python objects from a data file.

Three types of data:

  • simple - strings, lists, dictionaries, booleans, None, numbers
  • class - represents a Python class that gets constructed
  • container class - a Python class that contains other class data within it

Class data corresponds to a Python constructor.

Classes have attributes - either read-only (set in the constructor) or read-write.

A Class always has a typename attribute

We walk the tree-depth first.

There are potential customization points at five places.

These ones will be class methods

  1. pre_construction - rewrite the dictionary
  2. at construction - before any child is created or public attribute is set.

-- after this, we're an object

  1. post-attribute - after all the attributes have been set
  2. post-child - after all children are created
  3. post-parent - after your parent has created all your siblings
  4. ready - right before we're ready to start