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MetaGenRL, a novel meta reinforcement learning algorithm. Unlike prior work, MetaGenRL can generalize to new environments that are entirely different from those used for meta-training.
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MetaGenRL: Improving Generalization in Meta Reinforcement Learning using Learned Objectives

This is the official research code for the paper Kirsch et al. 2019: "Improving Generalization in Meta Reinforcement Learning using Learned Objectives".


Install the following dependencies (in a virtualenv preferably)

pip3 install ray gym[all] tensorflow-gpu scipy numpy

This code base uses ray, if you would like to use multiple machines, see the ray documentation for details.

We also make use of ray's native tensorflow ops. Please compile them by running

python3 -c 'import ray; from pyarrow import plasma as plasma; plasma.build_plasma_tensorflow_op()'

Meta Training

Adapt the configuration in (or use the default configuration) and run

python3 train

By default, this requires a local machine with 4 GPUs to run 20 agents in parallel. Alternatively, skip this and download a pre-trained objective function as described below.

Meta Testing

After running meta-training (or downloading a pre-trained objective function) you can train a new agent from scratch on an environment of your choice. Optionally configure your training in, then run

python3 test --objective TRAINING_DIRECTORY

This only requires a single GPU on your machine.

Using a pre-trained objective function

Download a pre-trained objective function,

cd ~/ray_results/metagenrl
curl URL_COMING_SOON|tar xvz

and proceed with meta testing as above. In this case your TRAINING_DIRECTORY will be pretrained-CheetahLunar.


Many tf summaries are written during training and testing and can be visualized with tensorboard

tensorboard --logdir ~/ray_results/metagenrl
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