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Originally forked from

Rebuilt as a library with event support.


npm install sony-camera

Or, for development and using the demo app:

git clone
cd node-sony-camera
npm install


var SonyCamera = require('sony-camera');

var cam = new SonyCamera();

cam.on('update', function(param, data) {
	console.log("updated: " + param  + " = " + data.current);

cam.connect(); // puts the camera in remote mode and starts monitoring events



Contains a list of parameters available. Example:

 { cameraFunction: { current: 'Remote Shooting', available: [Object] },
   postviewImageSize: { current: '2M', available: [Object] },
   shootMode: { current: 'still', available: [Object] },
   exposureMode: { current: 'Manual', available: [] },
   flashMode: { current: 'on', available: [] },
   focusMode: { current: 'MF', available: [Object] },
   isoSpeedRate: { current: '1250', available: [Object] },
   shutterSpeed: { current: '1/60', available: [Object] },
   fNumber: { current: '5.6', available: [Object] }



Puts the camera in remote control mode and starts monitoring events. Required before calling any other methods.


Disables remote control mode and stops monitoring events. After disconnecting, cam.connect() will have to be called before any other methods.

cam.set(param, value, callback)

Sets a parameter. Check the cam.params property to find available options. The (optional) callback has an error argument.

// example
cam.set('fNumber', '5.6');

cam.capture([multipleCallback,] callback)

Takes a picture. If set, optional multipleCallback boolean argument, causes the callback to be called twice -- once when the capture is complete (includes image name), and again when the image is downloaded. If there is an error, the callback is not called again.

// example
cam.capture(true, function(err, name, imageData) {
	if(err) {
		console.log("error: ", err);
	if(image) {
		console.log("received image buffer for " + name + " with a length of " + imageData.length + "bytes");
	} else if(name) {
		console.log("capture complete: " + name);


Starts streaming liveview, firing the "liveviewJpeg" event repeatedly for each liveview frame until cam.stopViewfinder() is called.


Stops streaming liveview, disabling the "liveviewJpeg" event.


cam.on('update', function(param, data))

Fired whenever a parameter on the camera changes. The data object has two properties: data.current (the current value), and data.available, an array of possible options.

cam.on('liveviewJpeg', function(jpegBuffer))

Fired repeatedly when liveview is enabled. Returns a buffer with the jpeg data for the current frame.


alt text

The included demo is a lightweight app to show the basic features, allowing interaction with the camera in realtime with liveview and live-updating parameters.

1. Setup:

cd node-sony-camera/demo
npm install

2. Connect computer wifi to camera

On the camera, go to Menu->Appication->Smart Remote Control to enable remote wifi mode, then connect the computer to the wifi network shown on the camera screen.

3. Start demo app

node ./server.js

4. Open http://localhost:3000/


Copyright © 2013-2014 Ikuo Terado, 2017 Elijah Parker. Released under the MIT license.