I don't read emails that are dominated by images, since images are blocked by default, and I am not always sure that I want to accept images. This code creates placeholders for your images to give the reader a hint at what the image will be.
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Email Image Placeholder

I often get emails with huge images of really great art and design, that totally get the message across, except...

I block email images

HTML emails are cool, but you've got to earn my images enabled trust. And if I'm reading your email on my phone, forget it.

Entice me to enable your images

If there is something -- usually anything -- to suggest I might like the images, I will enable them. So entice me (by using this code!)

Give it a try: http://pmnewell.com/eip/

Here is the gist

You Want Your Readers to See This

Blocked Email Images

But Your Readers Blocks Images, so They See This

Blocked Email Images

Instead, Your Readers Will See This

(even with images blocked)

Pixelated Image Teaser


Huge tip of the cap to Email on Acid for their Mozify tool which inspired this in the first place. These guys are email geniuses.