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d697fb1 Dec 8, 2012
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#thanks to
#for doing what I have been wondering how to do and had no clue how to accomplish
#hopefully whoever reads this will attribute all the good code to him
#and all the bad code/changes to me
#enter any requires/library here
#once I get more advanced, I will very likely add
shinyServer(function(input, output) {
#just as in the reference example, I'll start by loading a csv file
#the hope in the future is to add Axys data or retrieve through getSymbols lots of data
data <- reactive(function(){
if (input$dataSource == FALSE){
path <- input$url
#translate relative paths to server-friendly paths
if (substr(input$url, 0, 2) == "./"){
path <- paste("./www/", substring(input$url, 3), sep="")
} else{
df <- input$file
path <- df$datapath
data <- read.csv(path, row.names=1)
data.df <- cbind(rownames(data), data)
colnames(data.df)[1] <- "Date"
output$perfbarplot <- reactive(function() { data() }) #when data changes, update the bar plot