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Promscale is the unified observability backend for metrics and traces powered by SQL and built on PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB.

It has native support for Prometheus metrics and OpenTelemetry traces as well as many other formats like StatsD, Jaeger and Zipkin through the OpenTelemetry Collector and is 100% PromQL compliant. It's full SQL capabilities enable developers to correlate metrics, traces and also business data to derive new valuable insights not possible when data is siloed in different systems.

Built on top of PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB it inherits rock-solid reliability, native compression up to 90%, continuous aggregates and the operational maturity of a system that is run on millions of instances worldwide.

For Prometheus users, Promscale provides a robust and highly scalable long-term storage system that is 100% PromQL compliant. βœ… Promscale has consistently been one of the only long-term stores for Prometheus data that continue to maintain its top-performance, receiving 100% compliance test score each time (with no cross-cutting concerns) from PromLab's PromQL Compliance Test Suite.

For OpenTelemetry, Jaeger and Zipkin users, Promscale provides the ability to run deep analysis on traces using SQL while visualizing the distributed traces in Jaeger or Grafana. Install our lightweight opentelemetry-demo on your computer to quickly get a feel of what's possible. More details in this blog post.

Promscale Architecture Diagram

This repository contains the source code of the Promscale Connector. Promscale also requires that the Promscale Extension which lives in this repository is installed in the TimescaleDB/PostgreSQL database. The extension sets up and manages the database schemas and provides performance and SQL query experience improvements.

For a detailed description of the initial architecture of Promscale for Prometheus metrics that covers some key design principles, please see our design doc.

If you have any questions, please join the #promscale channel on TimescaleDB Slack.

This repository also contains the source code for prom-migrator. Prom-migrator is an open-source, community-driven and free-to-use, universal prometheus data migration tool, that migrates data from one storage system to another, leveraging Prometheus's remote storage endpoints. For more information about prom-migrator, visit prom-migrator's README.

You may also want to check tobs which makes it very easy to deploy a complete observability stack built on Prometheus, OpenTelemetry and Promscale in Kubernetes via cli or helm.


Complete user documentation is available at

✎ Contributing

We welcome contributions to the Promscale Connector, which is licensed and released under the open-source Apache License, Version 2. The same Contributor's Agreement applies as in TimescaleDB; please sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) if you're a new contributor.