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timescaledb-parallel-copy is a command line program for parallelizing PostgreSQL's built-in COPY functionality for bulk inserting data into TimescaleDB.

Getting started

You need the Go runtime (1.6+) installed, then simply go get this repo:

$ go install

Before using this program to bulk insert data, your database should be installed with the TimescaleDB extension and the target table should already be made a hypertable.

Using timescaledb-parallel-copy

If you want to bulk insert data from a file named foo.csv into a (hyper)table named sample in a database called test:

# single-threaded
$ timescaledb-parallel-copy --db-name test --table sample --file foo.csv

# 2 workers
$ timescaledb-parallel-copy --db-name test --table sample --file foo.csv \
    --workers 2

# 2 workers, report progress every 30s
$ timescaledb-parallel-copy --db-name test --table sample --file foo.csv \
    --workers 2 --reporting-period 30s

# Treat literal string 'NULL' as NULLs:
$ timescaledb-parallel-copy --db-name test --table sample --file foo.csv \
    --copy-options "NULL 'NULL' CSV"

Other options and flags are also available:

$ timescaledb-parallel-copy --help

Usage of timescaledb-parallel-copy:
  -batch-size int
        Number of rows per insert (default 5000)
  -columns string
        Comma-separated columns present in CSV
  -connection string
        PostgreSQL connection url (default "host=localhost user=postgres sslmode=disable")
  -copy-options string
        Additional options to pass to COPY (e.g., NULL 'NULL') (default "CSV")
  -db-name string
        Database where the destination table exists
  -file string
        File to read from rather than stdin
  -header-line-count int
        Number of header lines (default 1)
  -limit int
        Number of rows to insert overall; 0 means to insert all
        Whether to time individual batches.
  -reporting-period duration
        Period to report insert stats; if 0s, intermediate results will not be reported
  -schema string
        Destination table's schema (default "public")
        Skip the first line of the input
  -split string
        Character to split by (default ",")
  -table string
        Destination table for insertions (default "test_table")
  -token-size int
        Maximum size to use for tokens. By default, this is 64KB, so any value less than that will be ignored (default 65536)
        Truncate the destination table before insert
        Print more information about copying statistics
        Show the version of this tool
  -workers int
        Number of parallel requests to make (default 1)


We welcome contributions to this utility, which like TimescaleDB is released under the Apache2 Open Source License. The same Contributors Agreement applies; please sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) if you're a new contributor.


A binary for parallel copying of CSV data into a TimescaleDB hypertable







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