@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Jun 27, 2018 · 395 commits to master since this release

High-level changes

  • Planning time improvement (up to 15x) when a hypertable has many chunks by only expanding (and taking locks on) chunks that will actually be used in a query, rather than on all chunks (as was the default PostgreSQL behavior).
  • Smarter use of HashAggregate by teaching the planner to better estimate the number of output rows when using time-based grouping.
  • New convenience function for getting the approximate number of rows in a hypertable (hypertable_approximate_row_count).
  • Fixed support for installing extension into non-public schemas
  • Other bug fixes and refactorings.

Notable commits

  • [12bc117] Fix static analyzer warning when checking for index attributes
  • [7d9f49b] Fix missing NULL check when creating default indexes
  • [2e1f3b9] Improve memory allocation during cache lookups
  • [ca6e5ef] Fix upserts on altered tables.
  • [2de6b02] Add optimization to use HashAggregate more often
  • [4b4211f] Fix some external functions when setting a custom schema
  • [b7257fc] Optimize planning times when hypertables have many chunks
  • [c660fcd] Add hypertable_approximate_row_count convenience function
  • [9ce1576] Fix a compilation issue on pre 9.6.3 versions


  • @viragkothari for suggesting the addition of hypertable_approximate_row_count and @fvannee for providing the initial SQL used to build that function
  • 'mintekhab' from Slack for reporting a segfault when using upserts on an altered table
  • @mmouterde for reporting an issue where the extension implicitly expected to be installed in the public schema
  • @mfuterko for bringing some potential bugs to our attention via static analysis
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