@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Jul 12, 2018 · 387 commits to master since this release

High-level changes

  • Improved memory management for long-lived connections.
  • Fixed handling of dropping triggers that would lead to orphaned references in pg_depend.
  • Fixed pruning in CustomScan when the subplan is not a Scan type that caused a crash with LATERALs.
  • Corrected size reporting that was not accurately counting TOAST size
  • Updated error messages that more closely conform to PG style.
  • Corrected handling of table and schema name changes to chunks; TimescaleDB metadata catalogs are now properly updated

Notable commits

  • [8b58500] Fix bug where dropping triggers caused dangling references in pg_depend, disallow disabling triggers on hypertables
  • [745b8ab] Fixing CustomScan pruning whenever the subplan is NOT of a Scan type.
  • [67a8a41] Make chunk identifiers formatting safe using format
  • [41af6ff] Fix misreported toast_size in chunk_relation_size funcs
  • [4f2f1a6] Update the error messages to conform with the style guide; Fix tests
  • [3c28f65] Release cache pin memory
  • [abe76fc] Add support for changing chunk schema and name


  • @mfuterko for updating our error messages to conform with PG error message style
  • @fvannee for reporting a crash when using certain LATERAL joins with aggregates
  • @linba708 for reporting a memory leak with long lived connections
  • @phlsmk for reporting an issue where dropping triggers prevented drop_chunks from working due to orphaned dependencies
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