@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Sep 10, 2018 · 313 commits to master since this release

High-level changes

  • Scheduler framework: This release introduces a background job framework and scheduler. Each database running within a PostgreSQL instance has a scheduler that schedules recurring jobs from a new jobs table while maintaining statistics that inform the scheduler's policy. Future releases will leverage this scheduler framework for more automated management of data retention, archiving, analytics, and the like.

  • Telemetry: Using this new scheduler framework, TimescaleDB databases now send anonymized usage information to a telemetry server via HTTPS, as well as perform version checking to notify users if a newer version is available. For transparency, a new get_telemetry_report function details the exact JSON that is sent, and users may also opt out of this telemetry and version check.

  • Continued hardening: This release addresses several issues around more robust backup and recovery, handling large numbers of chunks, and additional test coverage.

Notable commits

  • [efab2aa] Fix net lib functionality on Windows and improve error handling
  • [71589c4] Fix issues when OpenSSL is not available
  • [a43cd04] Call the main telemetry function inside BGW executor
  • [faf481b] Add telemetry functionality
  • [45a2b76] Add new Connection and HTTP libraries
  • [b6fe657] Fix max_background_workers guc, errors on EXEC_BACKEND and formatting
  • [5d8c7cc] Add a scheduler for background jobs
  • [55a7141] Implement a cluster-wide launcher for background workers
  • [5bc705f] Update bootstrap to check for cmake and exit if not found
  • [98e56dd] Improve show_indexes test func to be more platform agnostic
  • [b928caa] Note how to recreate templated files
  • [8571e41] Use AttrNumberGetAttrOffset instead of Anum_name - 1 for array indexing
  • [d1710ef] Improve regression test script to cleanup more thoroughly
  • [fc3677f] Reduce number of open chunks per insert
  • [027b7b2] Hide extension symbols by default on Unix platforms
  • [6a3abe5] Fix SubspaceStore to ensure max_open_chunks_per_insert is obeyed


@EvanCarroll for updates to the bootstrap script to check for cmake

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