@LeeHampton LeeHampton released this Sep 19, 2018 · 301 commits to master since this release

High-level changes

  • Fixes for a few issues related to the new scheduler and background worker framework.
  • Fixed bug in adaptive chunking where the incorrect index could be used for determining the current interval.
  • Improved testing, code cleanup, and other housekeeping.

Notable commits

  • [0f6f7fc] Fix adaptive chunking so it chooses correct index
  • [3ed79ed] Fix sigterm handling in background jobs
  • [bea098f] Remove !WIN32 for sys/time.h and sys/socket.h, pg provides fills
  • [9f62a1a] Also add sys/time.h for NetBSD. Fixes #700
  • [95a982f] Fix build on FreeBSD wrt sockets
  • [fcb4a79] Remove (redefined) macro PG_VERSION and replace with PACKAGE_VERSION
  • [2634897] Release SpinLock even when we're about to Error due to over-decrementing
  • [1f30dbb] Make sure DB schedulers are not decremented if they were never incremented
  • [f518cd0] Add support for pre-release version checks
  • [acebaea] Don't start schedulers for template databases.
  • [f221a12] Fix use-after-free bug in telemetry test
  • [0dc5bbb] Use pg_config bindir directory for pg executables


  • @did-g for reporting a use-after-free bug in a test and for improving the robustness of another test
  • @kev009 for fixing build issues on FreeBSD and NetBSD
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