@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Mar 5, 2018 · 438 commits to master since this release

Please note: When updating your database, you should connect using
psql with the -X flag to prevent any .psqlrc commands from
accidentally triggering the load of a previous DB version.

High-level changes

  • Support for multiple extension versions on different databases in the
    same PostgreSQL instance. This allows different databases to be updated
    independently and provides for smoother updates between versions. No
    more spurious errors in the log as the extension is being
    updated, and new versions no longer require a restart of the database.
  • Streamlined update process for smaller binary/package sizes
  • Significant refactoring to simplify and improve codebase, including
    improvements to error handling, security/permissions, and more
  • Corrections to edge-case scenarios involving dropping schemas,
    hypertables, dimensions, and more
  • Correctness improvements through propagating reloptions from main
    table to chunk tables and blocking ONLY commands that try to alter
    hypertables (i.e., changes should be applied to chunks as well)
  • Addition of a migrate_data option to create_hypertable to allow
    non-empty tables to be turned into hypertables without separate
    creation & insertion steps. Note, this option may take a while if the
    original table has lots of data
  • Support for adjusting the number of partitions for a space dimension
  • Improvements to tablespace handling

Notable commits

  • [4672719] Fix error in handling of RESET ALL
  • [9399308] Refactor/simplify update scripts and build process
  • [0e79df4] Fix handling of custom SQL-based partitioning functions
  • [f13969e] Fix possible memory safety issue and squash valgrind error.
  • [ef74491] Migrate table data when creating a hypertable
  • [2696582] Move index and constraints drop handling to event trigger
  • [d6baccb] Improve tablespace handling, including blocks for DROP and REVOKE
  • [b9a6f89] Handle DROP SCHEMA for hypertable and chunk schemas
  • [b534a5a] Add test case for adding metadata entries automatically
  • [6adce4c] Handle TRUNCATE without upcall and handle ONLY modifier
  • [71b1124] Delete orphaned dimension slices
  • [fa19a54] Handle deletes on metadata objects via native catalog API
  • [6e011d1] Refactor hypertable-related API functions
  • [5afd39a] Fix locking for serializing chunk creation
  • [6dd2c46] Add check for null in ca_append_rescan to prevent segfault
  • [71962b8] Refactor dimension-related API functions
  • [cc254a9] Fix CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS and error messages
  • [d135256] Spread chunk indexes across tablespaces like chunks
  • [e85721a] Block ONLY hypertable on all ALTER TABLE commands.
  • [78d36b5] Handle subtxn for cache pinning
  • [26ef77f] Add subtxn abort logic to process_utility.c
  • [25f3284] Handle cache invalidation during subtxn rollback
  • [264956f] Block DROP NOT NULL on time-partitioned columns.
  • [ad7d361] Better accounting for number of items stored in a subspace
  • [12f92ea] Improve speed of out-of-order inserts
  • [87f055d] Add support for ALTER TABLE RENAME CONSTRAINT.
  • [da8cc79] Add support for multiple extension version in one pg instance
  • [68faddc] Make chunks inherit reloptions set on the hypertable
  • [4df8f28] Add proper permissions handling for associated (chunk) schemas
  • [21efcce] Refactor chunk table creation and unify constraint handling


  • @Anthares for a request to pass reloptions like fill factor to child chunks
  • @oldgreen for reporting an issue with subtransaction handling
  • @fvannee for a PR that fixed a bug with ca_append_rescan
  • @maksm90 for reporting an superfluous index being created in an internal catalog table
  • @Rashid987 for reporting an issue where deleting a chunk, then changing the time interval would not apply the change when a replacement chunk is created
  • RaedA from Slack for reporting compilation issues on Windows between
    0.8.0 and this release
  • @haohello for a request to adjust the number of partitions for a given dimension
  • @LonghronShen and @devereaux for reporting an issue (and submitting a PR) for handling version identification when there is more to the version than just major and minor numbers
  • @carlospeon for reporting an issue with dropping hypertables
  • @gumshoes, @simPod, @jbylund, and @ryan-shaw for testing a pre-release version to verify our new update path works as expected
  • @gumshoes for reporting an issue with RESET ALL
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