@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Mar 26, 2018 · 418 commits to master since this release

High-level changes

  • For this release only, you will need to restart the database before running ALTER EXTENSION
  • Several edge cases regarding CTEs addressed
  • Updated preloader with better error messaging and fixed edge case
  • ABI compatibility with latest PostgreSQL to help catch any breaking changes

Notable commits

  • [40ce037] Fix crash on explain analyze with insert cte
  • [8378beb] Enable hypertable inserts within CTEs
  • [bdfda75] Fix double-loading of extension
  • [01ea77e] Fix EXPLAIN output for ConstraintAwareAppend inside CTE
  • [fc05637] Add no preload error to versioned library.
  • [38f8e0c] Add ABI compatibility tests
  • [744ca09] Fix Cache Pinning for Subtxns
  • [39010db] Move more drops into event trigger system
  • [fc36699] Do not fail add_dimension() on non-empty table with 'if_not_exists'


  • @The-Alchemist for pointing out broken links in the README
  • @chaintng for pointing out a broken link in the docs
  • @jgranstrom for reporting a edge case crash with UPSERTs in CTEs
  • @saosebastiao for reporting the lack of an error message when the library is not preloaded and trying to delete/modify a hypertable
  • @jbylund for reporting a cache invalidation issue with the preloader
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