@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Sep 28, 2018 · 251 commits to master since this release

This release is our second 1.0 release candidate. We expect to only merge bug fixes between now and our final 1.0 release. This is a big milestone for us and signifies our maturity and enterprise readiness.

PLEASE NOTE that release candidate (rc) builds will only be made available via GitHub and Docker, and not on other release channels. Please help us test these release candidates out if you can!

Potential breaking change: We updated our error codes to be prefixed with TS instead of the old IO prefix. If you were checking for these error codes by name, please update your checks.

Notable commits

  • [b43574f] Switch 'IO' error prefix to 'TS'
  • [9747885] Prefix public C functions with ts_
  • [39510c3] Block unknown alter table commands on hypertables
  • [2408a83] Add support for ALTER TABLE SET TABLESPACE on hypertables
  • [41d9846] Enclose macro replacement list and arguments in parentheses
  • [cc59d51] Replace macro LEAST_TIMESTAMP by a static function
  • [281f363] Modify telemetry BGW to run every hour the first 12 hours
  • [a09b3ec] Add pg_isolation_regress support to the timescale build system
  • [2c267ba] Handle SIGTERM/SIGINT asynchronously
  • [5377e2d] Fix use-after-free bug for connections in the telemetry BGW
  • [248f662] Fix pg_dump for unprivileged users
  • [193fa4a] Stop background workers when extension is DROP OWNED
  • [625e3fa] Fix negative value handling in int time_bucket
  • [a33224b] Add loader API version function
  • [18b8068] Remove unnecessary index on dimension metadata table
  • [d09405d] Fix adaptive chunking when hypertables have multiple dimensions
  • [a81dc18] Block signals when writing to the log table in tests
  • [d5a6392] Fix adaptive chunking so it chooses correct index
  • [3489cca] Fix sigterm handling in background jobs
  • [2369ae9] Remove !WIN32 for sys/time.h and sys/socket.h, pg provides fills
  • [ebbb4ae] Also add sys/time.h for NetBSD. Fixes #700
  • [1a9ae17] Fix build on FreeBSD wrt sockets
  • [8225cd2] Remove (redefined) macro PG_VERSION and replace with PACKAGE_VERSION
  • [2a07cf9] Release SpinLock even when we're about to Error due to over-decrementing
  • [b2a15b8] Make sure DB schedulers are not decremented if they were never incremented
  • [6731c86] Add support for pre-release version checks


  • @did-g for an improvement to our macros to make compiliers happy
  • @mx781 and @HeikoOnnebrink for reporting issues with working with pg_dump fully
  • @znbang and @timolson for reporting a bug that was causing telemetry to fail
  • @alanhamlett for reporting an issue with spinlocks when handling SIGTERMs
  • @oldgreen for reporting an issue with building on NetBSD
  • @kev009 for fixing build issues on FreeBSD and NetBSD
  • All the others who have helped us test and used these RCs!
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