@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Oct 18, 2018 · 224 commits to master since this release

This release is our third 1.0 release candidate. We expect to only merge bug fixes between now and our final 1.0 release. This is a big milestone for us and signifies our maturity and enterprise readiness.

PLEASE NOTE that release candidate (rc) builds will only be made available via GitHub and Docker, and not on other release channels. Please help us test these release candidates out if you can!

Potential breaking change: Starting with rc2, we updated our error codes to be prefixed with TS instead of the old IO prefix. If you were checking for these error codes by name, please update your checks.

Notable commits

  • [f7ba13d] Handle and test tablespace changes to and from the default tablespace
  • [9ccda0d] Start stopped workers on restart message
  • [3e3bb0c] Add bool created to create_hypertable and add_dimension return value
  • [53ff656] Add state machine and polling to launcher
  • [d9b2dfe] Change return value of add_dimension to TABLE
  • [19299cf] Make all time_bucket function STRICT
  • [297d885] Add a version of time_bucket that takes an origin
  • [e74be30] Move time_bucket epoch to a Monday
  • [46564c1] Handle ALTER SCHEMA RENAME properly
  • [a83e283] Change return value of create_hypertable to TABLE
  • [aea7c7e] Add GRANTs to update script for pg_dump to work
  • [119963a] Replace hardcoded bash path in shell scripts


  • @jesperpedersen for several PRs that help improve documentation and some rough edges
  • @did-g for improvements to our build process
  • @skebanga for reporting an issue with ALTER SCHEMA RENAME
  • @p-alik for suggesting a way to improve our bash scripts' portability
  • @mx781 and @HeikoOnnebrink for reporting an issues with permission GRANTs and ownership when using pg_dump
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