@LeeHampton LeeHampton released this Dec 13, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

Our 1.1 release introduces beta support for PG 11, as well as several performance optimizations aimed at improving chunk exclusion for read queries. We are also packaging our new timescale-tune tool (currently in beta) with our Debian and Linux releases. If you encounter any issues with our beta features, please file a Github issue.

Potential breaking changes

In addition to optimizing first() / last() to utilize indices for non-group-by queries, we adjusted its sorting behavior to match that of PostgreSQL’s max() and min() functions. Previously, if the column being sorted had NULL values, a NULL would be returned. First() and last() now instead ignore NULL values.

Notable Commits

  • [71f3a0c] Fix Datum conversion issues
  • [5aa1eda] Refactor compatibility functions and code to support PG11
  • [e4a4f8e] Add support for functions on open (time) dimensions
  • [ed5067c] Fix interval_from_now_to_internal timestamptz handling
  • [019971c] Optimize FIRST/LAST aggregate functions
  • [83014ee] Implement drop_chunks in C
  • [9a34028] Implement show_chunks in C and have drop_chunks use it
  • [d461959] Add view to show hypertable information
  • [35dee48] Remove version-checking from client-side
  • [5b6a5f4] Change size utility and job functions to STRICT
  • [7e55d91] Add checks for NULL arguments to DDL functions
  • [c1db608] Fix upsert TLE translation when mapping variable numbers
  • [55a378e] Check extension exists for DROP OWNED and DROP EXTENSION
  • [0c8c085] Exclude unneeded chunks for IN/ANY/ALL operators
  • [f27c0a3] Move int time_bucket functions with offset to C


  • @did-g for some memory improvements
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