@RobAtticus RobAtticus released this Jan 29, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

This is our first release to include Timescale-Licensed features, in addition to new Apache-2 capabilities.

We are excited to be introducing new time-series analytical functions, advanced data lifecycle management capabilities, and improved performance.

  • Time-series analytical functions: Users can now use our time_bucket_gapfill function, to write complex gapfilling, last object carried forward, and interpolation queries.
  • Advanced data lifecycle management: We are introducing scheduled policies, which use our background worker framework to manage time-series data. In this release, we support scheduled drop_chunks and reorder.
  • Improved performance: We added support for ordered appends, which optimize a large range of queries - particularly those that are ordered by time and contain a LIMIT clause. Please note that ordered appends do not support ordering by time_bucket at this time.
  • Postgres 11 Support: We added beta support for PG11 in 1.1.0. We're happy to announce that our PG11 support is now out of beta, and fully supported.
  • Deprecation of adaptive chunking: Our initial implementation of adaptive chunking did not perform to a level we were satisfied with, so this release deprecates the current way of using it.

This release adds code under a new license, LICENSE_TIMESCALE. This code can be found in tsl.

Notable commits

  • [a531733] switch cis state when we switch chunks
  • [5c6b619] Make a copy of the ri_onConflict object in PG11
  • [61e524e] Make slot for upserts be update for every chunk switch
  • [8a7c127] Fix for ExecSlotDescriptor during upserts
  • [fa61613] Change time_bucket_gapfill argument names
  • [01be394] Fix bgw_launcher restart when failing during launcher setup
  • [7b3929e] Add ordered append optimization
  • [a69f84c] Fix signal processing in background workers
  • [47b5b7d] Log which chunks are dropped by background workers
  • [4e1e15f] Add reorder command
  • [2e4bb5d] Recluster and drop chunks scheduling code
  • [ef43e52] Add alter_policy_schedule API function
  • [5ba740e] Add gapfill query support
  • [be7c74c] Add logic for automatic DB maintenance functions
  • [4ff6ac7] Initial Timescale-Licensed-Module and License-Key Implementation
  • [fc42539] Add new top-level licensing information
  • [31e9c5b] Fix time column handling in get_create_command
  • [1b8ceca] Avoid loading twice in parallel workers and load only from $libdir
  • [76d7875] Don't throw errors when extension is loaded but not installed yet
  • [eecd845] Add Timescale License (TSL)
  • [4b42b30] Free ChunkInsertStates when the es_per_tuple_exprcontext is freed


  • @fordred for reporting our docker-run.sh script was out of date
  • @JpWebster for reporting a deadlock between reads an drop_chunks
  • @chickenburgers for reporting an issue with our CMake
  • Dimtrj and Asbjørn D., on slack, for creating a reproducible testcase for an UPSERT bug

The music for this release was The Who's Tommy.

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