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This is a simple course_registry website written in Grails 2.0, designed via WebDriver-based Spock specifications. The build is configured with Gradle. All test runs, including specifications that run through Sauce Labs are fully automated.
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This project demonstrates how to design a Grails 2.0 web application via a series of WebDriver-based Spock specifications that can be executed in multiple browsers on multiple OSes through Sauce Labs as long as you configure the Sauce Labs username and apiKey. 

It is the companion source code for this tutorial:

This project can be built from the project root using gradle (1.0-M7 as of this writing):
    $> gradle test
In order to setup this project in Eclipse, the .project and .classpath files should be setup using gradle:
    $> gradle eclipseProject
    $> gradle eclipseClasspath
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