Repo of EEG data in OpenBCI format. Add your own!
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Repository of EEG data in OpenBCI format. Add your own!

Isolated collections of EEG data are strewn across the internet - lonely, neglected and difficult to find. Hundreds of these databases go unloved every day, sitting idle and pining for attention.

They need your help.

If you are working with OpenBCI, begin to upload your raw data here for the community to benefit from. We are working towards amassing a database of open access EEG data for all!


  1. We are part of the burgeoning open neurotech movement, and as an open source community we need to help each other out in order to grow.
  2. If you are applying machine learning to BCI you will need data - and lots of it.
  3. Without large, accessible datasets we will never see the changes in BCI we dream of.
  4. Make America Great Again.